Ask Terry Questions Insurance “score”?

Insurance “score”?

By Terry Savage on February 01, 2020 | Insurance & Annuities

For the last coupe of years, our auto insurance documents included a page referring to our Insurance Score and what affected the rating we received – indicating the higher the rating the lower our rate would be. The items it listed were (a) No open credit accounts (b) No auto loans in the last 5 years (c) No history on pay down of loans. We are retired, have 3 active credit card accounts that we pay the balance off monthly, we own all our cars out right and have never secured loans to do so and we no longer have a mortgages as we paid those off years ago. In addition we have ample savings and retirement accounts, and assets valued over 2 million. I called and talked with our agent last year in reference to this “score” and was told because we don’t owe anyone anything our score is affected. Where is the logic in that?

Terry Says

No logic. Total BS. It’s time to shop around for a less expensive policy. But wait until you read next week’s column about paying less for car insurance if you drive fewer miles! I’m betting that will save you a LOT of money. It will be posted next Weds!



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