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Investment Club?

By Terry Savage on August 17, 2019 | Wild Card

HI Terry, I recently went to a Seniors investment club meeting so I sat and watched and after they asked if I was interested and I think I might like to join. What do you think? They have been a partnership since 1 5 2006. You have to sign on for $50.00 administrative fee to defer the costs of purchasing accounting software and partners will make contributions of $25.00 up to $100.00 at the monthly meeting. They invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities for the education and benefit of partners, employing fundamental principles and techniques of sound investment practices. Thanks for your input.

Terry Says

I think an investment club is a great idea, if you can  afford the fees and costs.  It will teach you a lot about investing, and exposes you to an interesting topic in an understandable way.  Don’t make  this your entire investment portfolio, because they costs of transactions are typically high.  But I think it’s  a lot better than playing cards!  (My best friend — a bridge and canasta aficionado — would strongly disagree!)

For those interested in starting an investment club go to — the website of the American Association of Individual Investors.  One of their specialties is helping investment clubs get started, figure out how to handle dues and fees, and create a club that will last into the future.



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