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Latest from Chase credit card — new rates, and more!

By Terry Savage on November 01, 2015 | Credit/Debt

Would you be interested in seeing a copy of the latest missive from my Chase/Amazon Rewards credit card folks where they are changing the terms on the account to even more onerous set of terms e.g. the APR is going from 23.24% to 24.99%? There are four other changes equally onerous. I have no idea how the profits are split between Amazon and Chase but anybody that carries a balance with this card is nuts. I use it for nickel & dime purchases and pay it off immediately and then use the points on the few ocassions that I buy something from Amazon.

Terry Says:  Everyone has been getting letters with the “fine print” about changes in rates and terms of credit cards.  Mostly, you can toss them if you regularly pay in full every month.  The economy is getting a bit stronger, credit use is growing — so card issuers are getting bolder about raising rates and changing terms.  You’re smart to have noticed — but since the finance charges won’t impact you, find something else to worry about!



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