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long term care insurance

By Terry Savage on January 18, 2019 | Insurance & Annuities

I am a 67 year old retiree in good health. My husband is also retired and 15 year older. We have no children. I likely will outlive my husband. I am considering long term insurance. It’s expensive and wondering if its worth getting or if would be better to self- insure. Thanks!

Terry Says

I’m working on an update of my long term care insurance columns.  I do believe in it — especially the new products that combine life and LTC.  That might be the way to go — especially if you choose a policy that covers both lives.  The likeliest event is that your spouse will need expensive care first — using up significant assets, and leaving you with many adjustments to make.  I promise to post in the next few weeks, but if you want immediate attention call my trusted source, Brian Gordon at MAGA LTC  800-388-2227.  They are long term care insurance specialists!



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