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Long-term Care Insurance Info

By Terry Savage on August 05, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

Your Trib, May 21 article about Long-term insurance was excellent. Much appreciated.
My question has to do with our current policies. My wife and I have had these policies for many years, with very little premium increase. Now we’re being informed our policy premiums will increase by some 17% this year and another 32% in 2024. In your article, you mention Gordon Associates as a resource for LTC info. Can anyone just call them for info about my current plans? Do I have to have an account with them? Are they a dealer in LTC plans? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you for all your financial info Terry.

Terry Says

Call Brian Gordon at 800-533-6242 — even though you did not buy the policy through his company. He will help you evaluate your alternatives (changing inflation adjustments, limiting coverage, etc). You can trust him. I do!



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