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Long Term Care

By Terry Savage on March 26, 2015 | Insurance & Annuities

1)On the BI webinar tonight, were you suggesting that someone who has LTC insurance (for about 10 years now; ages 65 & 67), we should possible give that up and get the combo life/LTC insurance instead? (We have separate life insurance.)
2) Re annuity, I have a 403c annuity that grew to about $180,000, plus about 400,000 or more in IRA, Roth, and regular stock accts. Is that a reasonable mix?? (I think the annuity is half immediate and half index.)
I was impressed tonight and will definitely start following you.

Terry Says:  Thanks so much for your note.  OK, first I was NOT suggesting that you give up your existing LTC policy.  Keep it, and keep paying for it.  I hope you never use it!!  But it will be great to have it if you do need it.  I was referring to new purchases, and wanted people to know about this new alternative.

Second, I can’t really give an opinion on your investments, especially not knowing your age, lifestyle, retirement goals, etc.  Sound like you might have a TIAA-CREF retirement plan?  You should definitely learn more about your annuity and what it offers, and what it charges.  Ask a few questions, and then please write back.



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