By Terry Savage on May 16, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

I turn 65 this month and I’ve signed up for Medicare parts A and B and have received my Medicare card. I recently signed up for Humana’s Humanachoice PPO and received my card this past Friday. I saw you on WGN morning news this morning and you mentioned people should sign up for Part G instead. Unfortunately three weeks ago my back started acting up out of the blue and I saw a doctor at Illinois Bone and Joint Institute and was X-rayed 4/29 not showing any issues but the symptoms have only worsened over time and had a MRI yesterday 5/14. Going back to visit doctor tomorrow 5/16 to go over results. Should I try to get Part G and lose the Humana plan? Thank you for your guidance in this matter.

Terry Says

You’re caught in the middle.  You cannot be denied coverage under Part G IF you sign up within 6 months of signing up for Medicare.  BUT, even if  you switch now and must be accepted in Part G, the plan won’t cover the expenses you’ve already incurred — and MAY NOT cover any future expenses related to this illness.



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