By Terry Savage on October 25, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

I just heard part of ur talk on Wgn on Medicare advantage plans and how bad they r but came in on the end when u said if u get out of the advantage plan u may not be able to get into the supplement plans u shd have cuz that’s where the true benefits are. My mom has an advantage plan and she got guillan barre from a flu shot in 2019. She was prohibited from going to a skilled nursing facility when Medicare kicked her out of rehab despite the fact that she was still unable to walk or get out of bed herself or dress herself etc and lived with her 90 year old husband. The insurance people told us to cancel the advantage plan cuz Medicare alone would pay for the care but we were afraid that other benefits would be affected and she was so sick that we took her home and they paid out of pocket for care and spent the last of their savings. She is now in a senior living community with no care but still has the advantage plan and I wonder what is best for her now. Any advice is appreciated.

Terry Says

OMG — that is a terrible story. At this point, it might not pay to change back, because she won’t get a comprehensive supplement at this point. But you could try at and click to find help at your state of residence.

If she no longer has any assets, (seems likely), she could qualify for Medicaid as a supplement to Medicare. But then the assisted living community might not accept their reimbursement, so you’d have to ask them what happens if she goes on Medicaid. They typically pay the monthly premium for Medicare A and B, and then serve as the backup policy.
Again, please check with SHIP.
And do write back. I’ll be very interested to see how this works out.



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