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Medicare advantage

By Terry Savage on October 22, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

Two days ago I discovered that Disney is making a major change in their retiree healthcare. I am a Disney retiree (WLS Radio for 40 years). Currently I have Medicare as my primary insurance, and Disney’s Cigna Med80 (ins pays 80%} as my secondary. This plan pays for prescription drugs. It also has a cap on out of pocket, which I exceeded this year due to prostate surgery. Of course, I pay a premium for the Med80/prescription plan. For 2024, however, this plan is no longer available. The only choices are two Medicare Advantage plans, or going on my own with Medicare A&B with no assistance from Disney. So, it looks like I need reject the Advantage plans. I have just started to look at supplement plans and prescription plans. Prescription coverage is all over the place crazy. Any good sources on this?

Terry Says

Whew! Immediately go to and research Medicare supplement plans. Since this is open enrollment,see if you can sign up for Plan G. Your medical history may preclude this.

Separately, sign up for Part D on the same site input your prescriptions and dosages. And your preferred pharmacy. You apply for Part D separately.

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