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Medicare Advantage

By Terry Savage on November 30, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

My wife at 81 and reasonably good health pays $510 / mo for medicare with plan F. The company that my former employer has hired has a licensed insurance rep that has suggestrd that she can save much money to convert to Medicare Advantage with 0 monthly payment, but pay small amounts for visits and services.
We have currently made the change, but are we seeing the short term savings and missing the future long term higher costs as health changes? We hear that providers are walking away from the Advantage plans. Are we really able to make a one time change to go back to the standard medicare with plan F. I read or heard something from your WGN interview today that would make me believe that this change is a mistake.

Terry Says

Please read this:

If you have no medical issues, despite your ages, you should be able to switch back to Plan F. Check it out at before you make the move.



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