Ask Terry Questions Medicare Advantage Plan Losses

Medicare Advantage Plan Losses

By Terry Savage on February 15, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

Hello Terry,

I recently read your column in the Sunday Trib about losses to Advantage plan Carriers.
I guess I am concerned about our Advantage Basic Plus Plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield Il
and wondered if you might know if they are also included with the rest of the groups reporting
losses. We have had no problems regarding claims and services…so far!
If you had any more insight regarding this group, I would appreciate it.
Also, I was totally unaware that Advantage members could still switch over to regular Medicare until March 31st! That is good to know in case we do decide to get out of our Advantage plan.
Thanks for your great column!

Terry Says

There is absolutely no way to know about the profitability of future pricing and decision-making plans of ANY insurer. And that’s the real issue. We can only see industry trends — tighter controls on care, more delays and arbitrary decisions. You won’t find that with traditional Medicare and a supplement — at least as long as Congress continues to help fund Medicare!



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