Ask Terry Questions Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

By Terry Savage on November 15, 2022 | Insurance & Annuities

I feel you were not informed last week while discussing NOT opting for the Medicare Advantage Plans over Medicare Supplements (which cost much more and do not include a drug, dental or vision plan.) My husband and I have have Aetna PPO Medicare Advantage. We pay $39/month for complete coverage and can go anywhere Medicare is accepted, our prescriptions are next to nothing. We have $2000 dental coverage/year, a free gym membership, along with $90/quarter OTC products from CVS. This is out first year on Medicare. Why should we go back to Medicare and a Supplement?

Terry Says

You got a good plan, with a PPO that lets you choose doctors. Not all plans offer this choice. Actually, you won’t know if this was the “best” plan for your situation until or unless you get sick and start to see either/or bills and limitations on service. And I hope that never happens!! Wishing you the best —



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