Ask Terry Questions Medicare for 33 year old son with Down Syndrome

Medicare for 33 year old son with Down Syndrome

By Terry Savage on November 14, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

I retired and my son came off private insurance and went on Medicare last year. I was told he is not eligible for traditional Medicare due to his age. I did not want him on an advantage program but I was told we had no choice. He is signed up again for Humana Med Advantage for 2024, but I have to ask … do you agree this is his only option?? We live in Wisconsin.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Terry Says

My expert on these Medicare coverage issues is Diane Archer. You (and others with Medicare coverage issues) can reach out to her at: Diane Archer

I sent her your question and here is her answer:

I am assuming her son is on Medicare as a result of a disability. The issue is likely that he cannot get Medigap coverage in Wisconsin. In most states, people under 65 with Medicare have no guaranteed right to Medigap. He could enroll in traditional Medicare but his out of pocket costs could be considerable.
I wonder whether her son is eligible for Medicaid or a Medicare Savings Program. If so, that could allow him to be in traditional Medicare with financial protection.



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