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Medicare Health Insurance

By Terry Savage on March 01, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

I will be going on Medicare and I was told that that it pays 80-20% and that I need a supplemental insurance to cover the rest of health care such as Dental,vision,Hearing, and perscription drugs. So what do you suggest.
Please advise Me
Thank You

Terry Says

You absolutely MUST have a Medicare supplement – and also a Part D drug supplement even if you currently don’t take any prescriptions.
This is a huge topic. Start at — just click this blue link and start reading. You can do this!

Start your search for a supplement here. If you can afford Plan G, by all means get it. It gives the most coverage for the least out-of-pocket expense. All providers offer the same coverage within each plan. So just put in your state of residence and choose one.
Then do the same thing for Part D.

And if you’re really stuck, talk to your SHIP — State Health Insurance Assistance Program.
Click on this link to find the one in your state. They’re ready to help you through the process. You can trust their advice.



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