Ask Terry Questions Medicare — must my wife enroll if she has insurance coverage from my job?

Medicare — must my wife enroll if she has insurance coverage from my job?

By Terry Savage on November 23, 2017 | Insurance & Annuities

My wife is currently covered under my job's insurance. August 2018 she will be 65-even though she will still be under my job insurance do she still need to enroll in Medicare? My retirement plan is another 6 years away. I work for a small firm with 20 employees. Thank You

Terry Says

According to my Medicare expert, Diane Omdahl at, this is a complicated answer.  (I figured that out myself, so I turned to her to make sure you get the right info!) Here is her answer: If the company has 20 employees (magic number) or more, enrollment in Part A is recommended. If she plans to sign up for Social Security, Part A enrollment is required. Medicare would be the secondary payer to the group health plan.She does not need to get a supplement. (If she were to do Part B, she would pay for coverage of little value and also jeopardize your ability to get a supplement later on.) If the company has 19 or fewer employees, then the company can decide whether or not to allow her to continue with the group plan. If she can, Part A and Part B are necessary because Medicare would be the primary payer with the group plan as secondary. No supplement needed. When husband retires, she would have a guaranteed issue right to get a Medicare supplement. (Complicated reasoning) If the company excludes 65-year olds, Part A and Part B, along with the additional coverage of her choice (Supplement and Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan) would be necessary.    



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