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Medicare Open Enrollment Column 10/25

By Terry Savage on November 13, 2022 | Insurance & Annuities

It is clear that you are very cautious (perhaps negative) on advantage plans, as we have been in the past. One of the issues you raised, however, seems to contradict everything else I have read (or perhaps just too much info for a single column). From the Medicare site, and specifically Patricia Barry’s “Medicare for Dummies” book (p. 198, 4th edition), it would appear that we would have the ability to move back to regular Medicare supplemental with “full federal protections” (no pre-existing issues), if this is our first advantage plan and we do so within 12 months.

Could you perhaps clarify? Thanks.

Terry Says

Yes, you can move back to traditional Medicare — BUT YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO GET YOUR ORIGINAL SUPPLEMENT — likely plan F or G, the plans that offer the most coverage. Once you are past the initial 6-month original emrollment period, supplement plans can rate you based on health issues. And the reason you would return, is likely a health issue. So you could wind up paying more for your supplement, by far, when you return!!

That is rarely made clear to people who enroll in Advantage plans. And that’s one of the key reasons to think twice before enrolling!



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