Ask Terry Questions Medicare part b, and other parts

Medicare part b, and other parts

By Terry Savage on December 03, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

I am currently on my husbands insurance and have Medicare A. When he retires I know we can get part B from Medicare but what other parts cover dental, eye, prescriptions, and hearing? I watched you on WGN so I know not to get advantage but don’t know which other parts of Medicare cover what I have now with my husband’s insurance. Please help

Terry Says

Medicare Part A is hospitalization.
Part B is physicians, tests, etc.
Part D is drugs.
A supplement (preferably G) will cover deductibles on the above.

With traditional Medicare there is no coverage for dental. But there is coverage for hearing, and eye exams, and cataract surgery. Not glasses or contacts.
So that’s the “come-on” with Advantage– a bunch of other stuff, like an annual teeth cleaning!
BUT, restricted access to physicians, hospitals, and delayed permissions for testing etc.



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