Ask Terry Questions Medicare parts — when do spouses apply?

Medicare parts — when do spouses apply?

By Terry Savage on November 28, 2022 | Insurance & Annuities

I am 68 years old and enrolled in Medicare part a when I turned 65. My husband turn 65 in April 2022 and he enrolled in Medicare part a. He is still working full-time and I am under his work insurance. He plans to retire in October 2023.. How soon should we enroll in Medicare part B, D F or G? We see enrollment ends December 7, But we’re confused as to whether we should start enrolling in the other parts of Medicare. please advise. thank you. I listen to you every Wednesday with John Williams but have not heard this particular question

Terry Says

If he is covered until April, you can wait until February to apply for his Medicare Part B (because of his life-changing event — retirement). At that time, he should also pick a Medicare supplement (Plan G offers the most coverage at this point) and Part D for his prescription drug needs — even if he currently takes no prescription drugs.

I’m going to offer a bit of advice to you that may cost you a few months extra premiums but will buy priceless peace of mind. Although you technically could wait until his retirement — a life changing event for you, too — that’s going to be complicated for both of you enrolling at once.
I’d suggest you enroll in Part B now and start having the premiums taken out of your Social Security check (assuming you have started taking that–and if you haven’t please wait another year or two! — and just set up auto-pay for the monthly Medicare and supplement premiums. And then you get your own supplement as described above (search my recent columns and go to the search feature at to find the most comprehensive G plan) and your own Part D plan.

Yes, you’ll be paying a few extra months of premiums, but this is the week to do it and get it done during open enrollment.



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