Ask Terry Questions Medicare Plan F vs G

Medicare Plan F vs G

By Terry Savage on November 28, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

Thank you for trying to answer my question, but you did not.
I said nothing about Advantage Plan. My ques is why did you say on the radio that if you have plan F don’t give it up to go to G.
You did not say why?
Obviously you have to pay $240 ded in 2024, but even given that you save close to $500.
I wanted to know you warned not to trade F for G
I’m the 77 yr old lady living on SSand I do not want to make a mistake

Terry Says

I don’t know who is quoting you the price differential between plan F (if you have it) and new Plan G monthly premiums — but you should check at
I think you’ll find that you pay a slightly higher monthly premium for F, but no annual deductible. And you should come out ahead.
And remember, though premiums may rise, the deductible has a history of rising more than the premiums!



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