Ask Terry Questions Medicare Standard (Plan G Plus Secure)

Medicare Standard (Plan G Plus Secure)

By Terry Savage on April 16, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

In searching for a BCBSIL Medicare plan that included Silver Sneakers, I was offered Medicare Standard ((Plan G Plus Secure) which looks a lot like an Advantage Plan.
I have been extremely satisfied with BCBSIL Plan D for 15 years. The premiums are about the same.
I would like to join a Park District club that takes Silver Sneakers.
What are the negative differences in switching to Plan G from Plan D?
What would be the penalty to go back to Plan D if I’m unhappy after switching?
Thanks for your help.

Terry Says

Wait — Plan D is for Drugs, and is not a Medicare supplement. It is a choice of drug plans.
If you already have Medicare Part B and a G supplement, you should stick with it.

But there are several insurers marketing Plan G. You can compare them at
Some use the marketing name “secure” — and in fact, I think that one that AARP markets is called “secure.”
When comparing the “G” supplement– and all must offer the same medical benefits– some advertise addtional things, like membership in Silver Sneakers. That might be a reason to switch Medicare supplements at ANY time– BUT, the catch is that you may have to qualify based on your medical conditions if you switch supplement providers! Make sure that won’t be an issue before switching supplement providers, even if both offer “G”!



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