Ask Terry Questions Medicare supplement too expensive

Medicare supplement too expensive

By Terry Savage on March 07, 2018 | Insurance & Annuities

My dad, age 92, has canceled his Medicare supplement because he says he can’t afford the $500 a month premium. Is there anyone who will do a supplement at his age? Thank you for any help

Terry Says

Oh, that's terrible.  It leaves so much uncovered when he eventually needs hospital care.  Immediately contact the provider he had for his Medicare supplement and see if he can be reinstated.  Make the argument that at age 92 he wasn't competent to make that decision!  I hope you can get him back into his original program. THEN, next year, during open enrollment, which is October 15 through Dec 7, you can sign him up for a Medicare Advantage (all-in-one) plan.  It will be less expensive, and it will be all-inclusive (including a drug plan) -- but there will be some limitations on the hospitals and physicians in the plan he chooses. Act now to see if you can get this fixed!



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