Ask Terry Questions Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

By Terry Savage on October 22, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

My husband is retired and his company tells us what the health insurance plan will be for the following year. They give us about $3,700 a year to cover the cost of premiums for health insurance and Part D. It doesn’t really cover all of it for both him and I. Until now, we have been covered by original medicare Plan G. For 2024, the company is foregoing original Medicare and everyone will have Medicare Advantage through Unitedhealthcare. After listening to your show today to you and your guest, I am seriously considering not going with that program and just continue original Medicare. I’m not comfortable with “the big gamble”. We will forfit the money for premiums, (and I’m not sure what else) but I’m thinking we will be better off in the long run. My husband has health issues and sees 3 or 4 specialists on a regular basis. Do you feel I am thinking right? Thank you Terry. Love your show. I’ve learned so much!

Terry Says

Sorry to say that I agree with your plan. BUT, given his health, you may not be able to purchase the Plan G (great) supplement for him. He might be better off with the company’s advantage offer,and the money to pay for it —

while, if you are healthy, you might return to traditional Medicare plus a supplement and Part D.

However,since this is such a complex situation, I suggest you immediately contact the Medicare Rights Center at 800-333-4114 for free, trusted advice. Get going on this now.
And please write back and let me know what they say.



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