Ask Terry Questions Medicare with VA Benefits

Medicare with VA Benefits

By Terry Savage on October 22, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

Dear Terry,

I’m 70 years old, still working full time as a subcontractor in the medical field (no benefits, no deductions), making over $150,000 a year. I just started taking Social Security at age 70 ($3,700/Mo). I’m a Veteran and go to the VA for all my medical issues (I’m in excellent health and only take a daily pull for my Thyroid). I enrolled in Medicare part A & B at age 66 and switched to Humana Advantage two years ago only because a Patient, who is also an Insurance Agent, said I could save around $15/mo on Medicare Payment as Humana would drop their premium because I’m a Vet and my medication is provided by the VA.

MY Questions to you are:
1) Should I switch back to straight Medicare?
2) Should I drop Medicare Part B all together (I’m not leaving the VA anytime soon)?
3) Should I stay where I am?

Thanking you in advanced!

John A Mihelich

PS: Love you book Savage Truth and those T-Bills!!!

Terry Says

My own father did this very successfully because all his docs and the nearby hospital were with the VA. And the VA pushes back, in my experience, on the managed care decisions of the Advantage plan. Of course, it may not be that way in the future.

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