Ask Terry Questions Medigap Plan G vs. group plan

Medigap Plan G vs. group plan

By Terry Savage on May 16, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

Have the option of going with BCBS Plan G or Cook County Pension Fund Group Plan with United Healthcare. (Choice or Choice Plus) We are completely confused as to what to do. We now have BCBS and love it, CC switched to UHC. Premium for G at BCBS is 139+ 27 for D. UHC is 240, for Choice, includes D. Are group plans worth the extra money? Thank you Terry.

Terry Says

If you can afford it, I have consistently suggested people stick with traditional Medicare and a supplement.  The “Advantage” or “C” plans look less expensive.  But if you are ill, you could pay nearly $9000 out of pocket — negating the lower premiums on C plans quickly.

And “managed care” is getting much tougher on allowing certain tests, second opinions, etc — all in the name of “saving money” since they are paid by the government a fixed amount for each beneficiary, and need to keep costs under control.



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