Ask Terry Questions Medigap plans & penalties

Medigap plans & penalties

By Terry Savage on July 05, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

I listen to you on WGN, and want to be sure of possible penalties.
I am retired and turning 65 next month. My wife is still working and I will be on her insurance.

Can I decline Part B without penalty until she retires?

I am planning to get Part G. Do I need to buy it now?
Can I get it later without paying a higher price?

Do I need Part B and G?

Terry Says

You might as well sign up for Medicare PART A, when you reach age 65.

As long as you are fully covered under your spouse’s insurance, you do not have to sign up for Part B.  But do check with her employer to make sure you have qualifying and full coverage under her plan.

What you refer to as “part G” is a Medicare SUPPLEMENT plan.  That is what you want to sign up for — at the same time you eventually do sign up for Medicare Part B (likely when your wife retires and loses her coverage, and yours as well).  At that point, you’ll also sign up for Part D — the prescription drug program.



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