Ask Terry Questions Multiple Long Term Care Policies

Multiple Long Term Care Policies

By Terry Savage on May 27, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

Years ago I bought multiple different long term care policies(Aetna, Genworth, Mass Mutual, and now my spouse (62)has early dementia requiring memory care. All of the policies have been regularly paid. Do you have any suggestions how I approach using them? Despite early dementia, my spouse is in excellent physical health.

Terry Says

It’s important to know the “triggers” that allow you to claim on your policy.  Basically, a doctor must certify that she is unable to do several of hte basic activities of daily living — toileting, bathing, eating, transferring from bed to chair, etc.  For dementia the signs of early dementia might not be enough to  trigger payments for care.

I suggest you contact the agent who sold you the policies. Or contact my expert –Brian Gordon of Gordon Associates –800-533-6242.



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