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My financial position — bankruptcy?

By Terry Savage on July 18, 2021 | Credit/Debt

I’m 70, retired and married. I receive a pension from my old job plus SS. Due to covid, the following transpired; I got a loan modification from my mortgage company and fell behind on my bills except utilities and insurance (house, life, auto). Also due to covid I was unable to work my seasonal job the past 2 years which I had worked for the last 10 years prior. I have about 25k in bills (credit cards, bill consolidation loan, etc.). I’m current and in good standing with two of my 5 credit cards and home repair bill. I can not keep up with the bills, I’m over extended. My seasonal job kept me afloat. I’m looking for a part time job. What can I do now? Bankruptcy? Credit repair co.?
P.S. Is bankruptcy an all or nothing proposition?

Terry Says

You need some personal, helpful, and unbiased credit counseling help. Call 800-388-2227 to be connectedto the nearest local office of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. You can do it over the phone or meet in person. And you can trust their advice. Bankruptcy is a last resort–but it is good to know you’ve tried everything else. They can guide you and you can trust them.



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