Ask Terry Questions Obama care eligibilty

Obama care eligibilty

By Terry Savage on January 27, 2017 | Insurance & Annuities

Terry, Can you get rejected for Obamacare cause of your income because my son in the process of investigating his health care options on the .gov website was told that his income was too high plus he works for a small trucking outfit (less than 50 employees). What was the main reason? Is Obamacare based on income because a frend of the family said he should have been able to get it whether a millionaire or low income? Thanks.

Terry Says

I'm quite sure that he was told he couldn't get a SUBSIDY based on his income, not that he was rejected for a policy!   Have him go back to the site again, and read more carefully.  There should be at least one option for healthcare, in every county.  It may be expensive and a high-deductible plan, but he should act quickly because open enrollment is almost over, ending in a few days! AND, he should have his company check to see whether they can get one of these new plans that allow employees to pay, but get a great group rate.  The enrollment period for 2017 ended December 15 for this type of plan, but he should have the boss read this article, and get a head start on next near.  It costs the company NOTHING, and employees can pay with pre-tax dollars.  (Of course by next year, our entire healthcare system could have changed!)



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