Ask Terry Questions old student loand debt

old student loand debt

By Terry Savage on January 04, 2017 | College Savings / Student Loans

Hi Terry, I have student loan debt and I have been working for 15 years. I am looking for advice on how to best pay down this loan. I seem to be with an loan company that is not very good. I am looking for a solid advisor to help with refinancing and paying off student loan debt. Is it an attorney, financial planner, etc. Where do I obtain solid information and determining a reputable loan company. I have been messing around with these loans, that have not gotten any lighter, for years. Its seems all the advice I get, is to benefit someone else. Can you advise on how to get started.

Terry Says

Go to, a company that specializes in refinancing student loans for those that have an income.  If you've been paying down your debt on schedule for 15 years, and if it is Federal student loan debt, you should have no problem refinancing.



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