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Paying off credit card debts

By Terry Savage on March 25, 2021 | Credit/Debt

Hello terry I have few credit cards it makes a total of $20.000 unfortunately with the pandemic , How can I get rid of it faster?
I’m a server make about $600 at week my emergency fund is $15,000 but I’m afraid if I pay it with this money I will be in cero again and if my job does not pickup I will be in trouble. Believe or not I’m married and I don’t have any bills than my credit card my husband do not have debt no even mortgage or car payment. I want to stop working but I can’t until I pay it.

Terry Says

Well, I want you to avoid those “settlement companies” that offer to contact your card issuers and stop paying the minimums. that would ruin your credit permanently.
There’s a simple formula for paying off credit card balances:

Look at this month’s minimum payment and write it down.
Pay DOUBLE this month’s minimum this month — and the exact same amount every month in the future. That’s double the ORIGINAL monthly minimum. And don’t charge another penny on that card!
You will pay off the balance in less than 3 years. You have the money to do this — and you will save a fortune in interest, because paying only the minimum could take nearly 30 years to pay it off!!

This isn’t magic — but it works! Pick the card with the highest interest rate and also the card with the largest balance. Then add the others if you can earn enough money.
Write me back when you’re debt free in about 2-1/2 years!!
You can DO THIS!!



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