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By Terry Savage on September 26, 2020 | Insurance & Annuities

Would you chose Medicare or Medicare Advantage for yourself?

Terry Says

I have already chosen! Traditional Medicare with the best supplement. And Plan D for drugs.
Now, importantly, you must get your supplement immediately along with your registration for Medicare. If you do that, you cannot be turned down for the best supplemental coverage — Plan J.
And where do you find Plan J and Part D (prescription drugs)?
Go to www.eHealthInsurance.com for help finding your Supplement. There is no additional charge for using them, and they are very helpful. I recommend using the tol–free number on their website. They can also help with Part D.
Or go to Medicare.gov to search for Part D — and they have the most efficient tool — their Medicare Drug Plan Finder. YOu need to list all your current meds. And you must review your Part D drug coverage EVERY YEAR. That’s because drugs and prices change yearly. And yes, sign up now — even though you are not taking any meds. It will save you in the long run if you do ever need expensive medicines.

Oh, and the reason for using traditional Medicare (slightly more expensive) is I do not want to be restricted to the hospitals and physicians in a Medicare Advantage plan.

If you start with Advantage, you could switch back — BUT you might not qualify for that great Medicare supplement plan J!



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