Ask Terry Questions Question on Long Term Care insurance

Question on Long Term Care insurance

By Terry Savage on May 13, 2013 | Insurance & Annuities

Ms Savage. Are you aware of any insurance company that does offer long term care insurance for a person (turned 65y.o. in 2013) with a diagnosed mental health illness and has been hospitalized a few times within the past 10yrs? I have contacted MAGA insurance, mentioned in your articles in the past, and they replied stating they were unable to find a provider for such example. I know such product would be expensive, but I would at least to find out if such product is even available for such a person to evaluate some type of coverage. Thank you

SAVAGE SAYS: I can categorically tell you that if MAGA (800-533-6242) can’t find a policy for you, then there is no way to get one. They are the true specialists. Unfortunately, the underwriting standards for LTC insurance are getting tougher every year.



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