Ask Terry Questions Recent Medicare Advantage Article

Recent Medicare Advantage Article

By Terry Savage on November 17, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

I have some concerns with the way you represented Medicare Advantage Plans vs Supplement Plans in your recent article in the Quad City Times. Would you be open to a conversation about this? I feel that you are painting a broad stroke for all Medicare Advantage and that just isn’t the case. Thank you.

Terry Says

I am having a constant online conversation about Advantage plans. Some are indeed better than others, but there is no good way to tell the difference. Some major corporations and unions have negotiated PPO Advantage plans, and have the clout to make sure their members/retirees are well taken care of. But there is overwhelming evidence that people find out “too late” how “managed care” in most Advantage plans really works — restricting access, tests, and delaying care.
Yes, I started this conversation — and you’d be amazed at how many physicians, nurses and others have confirmed the validity of the concerns I raised! The people who disagree seem to come primarily from the insurance sales community!



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