Ask Terry Questions Refinancing my car loan

Refinancing my car loan

By Terry Savage on September 08, 2019 | Credit/Debt

Hi Terry, I was thinking about refinancing my car loan. My rent got higher and it may be difficult to pay my rent. I was thinking of refinancing my car loan to possibly put some money back in my pocket towards the rent/other bills (electricity/credit card debt ect). I was also thinking if I'm still able to put the same amount (i have been paying, but this time toward the principle) it would help me get rid of this car quicker. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. I just need to make sure I have the extra money just in case I can't pay the entire rent/other bills. I already have 2 jobs so taking a 3rd job is not doable for me LOL. I have been looking for a better paying job - 1 job for years and so far no luck... so right now I have a full and a part time job to help with my debt. I hope all this makes sense. I currently owe about $8000 left in my car loan. Current Interest rate is at 4.18. My payments per month is 427. I pay 440 (putting what's left in the principle). I would like to have lower payments (if possible) to make sure I have some towards my rent. If by chance I don't need the extra for rent, my plans to is to keep paying 440. Hoping my payment due is smaller than 427, I'll pay the payment due and use whats left toward the principle totaling 440. (Also hoping to get rid of this loan quicker) Again, my purpose is to make sure I have the extra money to be able to pay my rent/other bills - just in case. If refinancing is a good idea, would you happen to know if I should stick to my current loan and ask them to refinance or should I go somewhere else. Thanks again! Hope this info helps on what I need advice on. Thanks in advance for your help. If you'd like to call me. 773 648 5616



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