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refinancing student loan

By Terry Savage on June 24, 2015 | College Savings / Student Loans

Dear Ms.Savage,
I read your column about refinancing student loans in the Sunday Providence Journal (6/21/15). I have two parent plus loans currently. They are from ’06 and ’07 (my daughter graduated from Bryn Mawr College in PA. in ’09). The rates are fairly high. I’d love the opportunity to refinance and get a lower rate if possible. Can you tell me who I contact to do this? How I go about it?
Thank you for your help,

Terry Says:  If you read the column you saw the link to  They refinance PLUS loans and both private and federal student loans.  I fyou have good credit you should easily be able to refi those PLUS loans to a lower rate, making it easier to pay them off sooner.



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