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Reinvest money and credit monitoring services

By Terry Savage on September 16, 2014 | Credit/Debt

I just had a cd come due and need to reinvest it. We take the interest to assist in bill payments. Where would you reinvest the money now? I have gone to bank rate to view online cd rates. Any suggestions?

Also, with Home Depot in the new so much now (Target…) being hacked, what do you think of credit monitoring services and is there one that you would suggest?

As always, thank you, I appreciate your insight and help,


Terry Says:  If you’ll read the recently posted answer to a similar question, you’ll get the answer about reinvesting CDs and getting higher yields.  RE the credit monitoring services, I have never made a recommendation.  Remember, these services monitor only NEW credit being opened in your name.  You can solve that problem by putting a freeze on your credit report.  (It will cost a few dollars, and more to “unfreeze” it.)  But if you’re not planning on applying for new credit, this might be the easiest way to go.

Then, be sure to monitor your credit cards and bank accounts online at least once a week if not more frequently.  You are not liable for unauthorized charges — but it could be a hassle to get them removed.  That’s one service card monitoring claims to do for you, but it will still be an aggravation.  So stay on top of your existing credit on a regular basis.



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