Ask Terry Questions Retirement Medical Insurance prior to Medicare eligibity

Retirement Medical Insurance prior to Medicare eligibity

By Terry Savage on January 19, 2019 | Insurance & Annuities

Due to cutbacks, my husband will no longer be working in about two months. He is considering being self-employed and getting private medical insurance. We are not eligible for Medicare. What are the sources for getting good private health care coverage quotes?

Terry Says

That’s a tough spot.  Here’s a link to a column I wrote last summer about short-term health insurance plans.  They may not cover everything, and do require medical underwriting to qualify.  But that’s likely his best solution.  If you have been covered under his plan, you would have to apply separately.  Another possibility is “association” plans.  So if he is self-employed in a profession he might be able to join a group plan with an association.



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