Ask Terry Questions Returning to Medigap from Advantage

Returning to Medigap from Advantage

By Terry Savage on October 09, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

A couple of points regarding your Sunday (10/8) column about moving to Advantage from Medigap that might not apply to everyone . I am an AT&T retiree. The company, via UHC, offers, a nation-wide retiree group ppo advantage plan, good for any practice that accepts Medicare, no referrals needed, max out of pocket 900.00 . As an employee plan, they say I could get back to Medigap even after a year and not face underwriting based on State of Illinois document that seems to confirm this. If I can get the State’s Ship office to confirm it in writing, I will move to the Advantage plan. Wouldn’t move otherwise since I don’t want to risk underwriting if for some reason I wanted to return to Medigap.

Terry Says

I am not aware of a private company plan. However I do know that it is a benefit, not an ERISA promise! (Many retirees were promised full healthcare continuation many years ago, and when the former International Harvester reneged on that promise, it was determined that only pensions are covered under ERISA, not other promised benefits.

The reason people decide to go back to original Medicare is typically because they realize how limited their benefits may be under Advantage plans. If you have original Medicare and a good (F or G) supplement, I would not switch to Advantage — unless you are really pressed for cash every month.



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