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Shared credit card woes after death

By Terry Savage on January 14, 2022 | Credit/Debt

I have a Discover card from years ago that I got in my name I had a 18,000 limit and it was my ace in the hole in case of emergency. I eventually added my husband on and back then they just issued same number to both husband and wife. This was before I knew about my husbands problem with credit cards. He ran it up to 16000 I’m not sure on what , probably cash back, cash back, cash back. I just put it on auto pay minimum payment. Here it is probably 15 years later – my husband died last year – and i still have this credit card debt because my name is on the card. even tho i never used it. I called trying to negotiate with them but they were total jerks now they are just sending me more propaganda trying to get me to take out a loan. NEVER! I will never do business with them or recommend them I still owe $6500 and it says on the statement only the m inimum payment will still take me 22 years to pay off. isnt there anything i can do with this? Please help.

Terry Says

Probably not. And you are fighting with them — but costing yourself a LOT in interest every month. It may make you “feel” good to stiff them by paying only the minimum, but you are only hurting yourself. If you have the cash, pay off the balance and put it behind you!

I’m posting this prominently as a reminder to others that if you share credit, you potentially share expensive problems!!

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