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Small Biz Health Insurance Deal Beats Obamacare

By Terry Savage on November 19, 2016 | Insurance

"The concept is attractive to business owners, because they do not have to contribute to the cost of employees’ healthcare. Instead, the employee pays the premiums - on a pre-tax basis, lowering the true cost of paying for this healthcare policy. And, because the premium cost is an employee deduction, the business owner saves on payroll taxes."Would you please elaborate on this......, what happens to the shared responsibility, and why BCBS or United do not quote any regular plans to small business owners and offer only metallic plans?

Terry Says

I'm not sure what you mean by "metallic plans."  But the article is correct.  And I suggest contacting one of the resources I linked in the column to find out more details, and how it might apply to your company.   And hurry, the deadline is December 15th.  I know there is no big effort on the part of the insurance industry to promote these policies!  That's why I was "tipped" to the idea by insurance advisor Allen Wishner of FlexibleBenefit.com.



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