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small business special enrollment

By Terry Savage on December 10, 2017 | Insurance & Annuities

Hello, and thank you for your time. I have 2 small businesses and was looking at offering insurance. I saw your article on the small business special enrollment period. When I go to the site you reference, I do not see "find insurance for your business" I see find plans, then small business and then group health insurance. Thinking that may be it, all the plans do have an employer contribution. Am I missing something completely? My employees are counting on you... Thanks again

Terry Says

OK -- the SEP -- Special Enrollment Period for Small Business ENDS DEC 15th.   During this period you can get the best small business insurance plan -- and the employer DOES NOT have to contribute on behalf of employees.  (That's the reason many small businesses don't have a plan -- they can't afford it.  But that leaves employees to fend for themselves and their families on the ACA exchanges.)  During this period you can sign up for a plan for your business, and offer the most comprehensive insurance and choice of medical providers -- and the owner doesn't have to pay, or join.) You need to contact a business insurance broker in your state IMMEDIATELY.  All should know about this.  In Illinois, contact my expert Allen Wishner, my expert, by going to



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