Ask Terry Questions Social securiry benefits application

Social securiry benefits application

By Terry Savage on January 12, 2024 | Wild Card

Hello –

I will be 70 on 2/10/24. I received a snail mail letter from SSA in October instructing me to apply for Soc Sec benefits. I did so online on Oct 10, 2023. I retired on 4/16/23.

I have heard NOTHING since. Have checked online multiple times. All it says is someone in Chicago started to review my application on the same day I applied – Oct 10, 2023.

At this point I have no idea if I’ll begin receiving benefits in Feb or March or not. Do you think there’s a problem with my application, and should I camp out at their office?

Thank you-

Terry Says

That’s outrageous. Did you create a My Social Security account online at Social
Use this link.

That should get you the info about your benefits. I don’t put anything past SS to mess up filings!! So if you aren’t satisfied using this link, please write back.



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