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Social security

By Terry Savage on September 03, 2018 | Insurance & Annuities

Hi Terry,
I am 67 years old and Medicare is my medical insurance. Medicaid is my secondary. How much money can I’m i earn and not lose those the Medicaid benefit.

Thank you

Terry Says

Gosh, this question stumped me for a minute, and I had to do a little research. But of course, I quickly realized that since Medicaid is a STATE funded program (with help, of course, from the Federal government) the income limits are set by your state of residence.

Here’s a great article explaining how Medicaid can be a seondary:

And assuming you might be from Illinois (where I am on radio and TV every week) you might want to check out this page on Medicaid eligibility for 2018, though it mostly describes eligibility for long term care service. Contact them directly for specifics of Medicaid as a Medicare supplement:

Here’s the info I could find on that page:
Medicare Cost Sharing covers the cost of Medicare Part B premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB) with incomes up to 100 percent of the FPL. Medicare cost sharing covers only the cost of Medicare Part B premiums only for persons with incomes over 100 percent of the FPL but less than 135 percent of the FPL under the Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLIB) or Qualifying Individuals (QI) programs. Resources are limited to $7,280 for a single person and $10,930 for a couple. The federal government shares in the cost of this coverage. Additional information on the Medicare Cost Sharing program can be found on the HFS Medical Brochures page.

Here is a direct link to the Illinois Healthcare and Family Services home page, the agency which covers these issues. Hope this helps!



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