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Social security wants money back

By Terry Savage on December 14, 2023 | Wild Card

I saw you address a woman on the news regarding paying back soc. Sec. I also received a letter stating I had to repay $800 by Jan. 1st or they would deduct it from my next check. Should I pay it?

Terry Says

You have very little choice in the matter – even though they admit it is because of THEIR mistake. Did they say WHY they are doing this clawback?
Did you ask for an appeal? That can sometimes delay (but rarely fix) the process.

And frankly, in my experience, it often gets mixed up when you send THEM a check. So if they won’t deal with you, let them take it out of your next benefit check.
Wish I could do more to help, but maybe it’s some solace that many people are being asked to repay $50,000 or more!!



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