Ask Terry Questions Son goes to law school

Son goes to law school

By Terry Savage on February 04, 2024 | College Savings / Student Loans

Our son decided to go to law school.
We agreed to pay the interest on his UG loans. While he was in college.

With his new decision. How do we lessen the burden we were not expecting. While he is in law school?

Terry Says

Well, you created the burden by saying you would pay his loans while he is in school. BUT while he is in school, his likely doesn’t have to make payments on his undergrad loans — though interest will accrue. Read this article for more.

The idea of law school is that he will graduate and earn enough to pay back his student loans! Maybe the smart idea is for you to help him with his tuition –and let him deal with his loans when he graduates, and payments are due. There may be some helpful programs at that time.



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