Ask Terry Questions Son Marrying Girl with Student Loans

Son Marrying Girl with Student Loans

By Terry Savage on September 07, 2018 | College Savings / Student Loans

My son’s girlfriend just graduated from American University with a $200,000 debt. She is originally from Peru and not yet a citizen.
Might you know if any grants that might help reduce this large debt?
She’ll be part of our family by end of year and I’m concerned that my son will need to take on such a large debt. Any advice appreciated!!!

Terry Says

You are VERY right to be concerned. These are NOT Federal student loans — because those loans are not granted to non-citizens. So they do not get provisions such as reduced payments based on income. And that is a HUGE amount of debt.

I wish I could talk to your son and tell him the consequences, because when they marry this could definitely impact his credit — especially if she is late on these payments or defaults. And she will have him over a barrel because of this, so he will sort of be forced to help her make payments.

I would tell you son to set a goal — BEFORE marriage. She should be able to pay down at least HALF of that $200k BEFORE they get married. Then we will see what her education is really worth in terms of income. And that’s only fair! You know that love is blind! Please show this answer to him — and do speak up now, well before the invites go out.

I can’t be the only one reading this who is suspicious that this potential marriage is really something else — a way out for her! My most creative and outrageous idea: Ask him if they would be willing to put that amount on the guest registry and ask for cash! If he is beyond embarrassed, tell him that he will be beyond broke if he goes forward with this!



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