Ask Terry Questions Son won’t repay dad on documented loan

Son won’t repay dad on documented loan

By Terry Savage on September 28, 2018 | Wild Card

My son owes me in excess of a half million dollars, I have proof, documentation, etc. and he is now in a position to repay me but refuses to do so. Since I loaned him all my money while he was in trouble I don’t have the funds to sue him. Without repayment I have problems surviving financially and I am 83. Who can I contact to get legal assistance or any other advice of what to do?

Terry Says

Unfortunately, this is a civil case — although it seems a crime to me. In fact, I’m seeing smoke coming out of my ears as I write this. I consider this classic elder abuse. So please send me an email to with your contact info. Perhaps I can get on the phone with your son and YOU at the same time, and remind him of how I could post this story publicly, detailing your plight. Maybe that will make an impact.
If not, there are likely attorneys who will take your case on a “contingency” basis — taking a portion (likely 30%) of the amount of money recovered. If you do have proper documentation, and if your son does have money, you should have no trouble retaining an attorney.
I’m reconsidering my first paragraph (should I delete it?) — but again, I’m going to let my offer go to print her online. I consider financial Elder Abuse a heinous crime.



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