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Student loan Forgiveness

By Terry Savage on November 14, 2023 | College Savings / Student Loans

I like so many others have been let down by the current administration with loan forgiveness. I put my loans in forbearance and saved those payments for a while waiting on Team Biden to get it done. Around 2020 when Biden won I had about4500 in student debt left. I now have about 5600 from the interest. I have now earmark the funds I saved for a house. How can I get this last amount forgiven? On a side note 18 years ago I was not in a good place financially and the loans went to collections. What I paid and had to go through to get them in good standing was almost 1/3 of what I owed. I feel I have paid my debt. Thank you

Terry Says

A lot depends on how long you have paid and how much. I can’t help you on that, but if you’re willing to pay for a short conference with student loan expert, Rae Kaplan, you’ll get the correct answer! You can reach her here:

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