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Student loan in collection

By Terry Savage on April 26, 2020 | College Savings / Student Loans

My daughter’s student loan is in collection. I know at this time they are deferring all payments,late fees,. I would like to know how i can bring the loan back to the the department of education. so we can set up a payment plan just enough for my daughter to return to school and be able to recieve federal grants and or add to her loan. My daughter is a recovering addict and suffers from mental illiness.

Thank You

Ilene Wilson 872-2032961

Terry Says

OK, it is wonderful of you to want to help this way. But from a strictly financial perspective, I’m not sure this makes he most sense.
First, you can’t get through to the govt right now –not any department. Since they are deferring all feee and collections (and I am presuming from what you said that these are FEDERAL student loans) then just leave it be until you are contacted down the road.
They can’t get any more money out of HER (or you, unless they are parent PLUS loans) — so this will just carry on until she is older and they’ll take it out of her Social Security! (Yes, that’s happening now, but I’d bet my last dollar that they will forgive student loan balances by the time she is old enough.)

Don’t mean to step in and answer something you haven’t asked, but I think YOUR money could be better spent helping her get the treatment she needs NOW, vs worrying about that loan down the road. Just my financial opinion.

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