Ask Terry Questions Student Loans and Tax Returns

Student Loans and Tax Returns

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2024 | College Savings / Student Loans

I have 2 questions. I listen to you on John Williams whenever I can but I’ve never been able to write down what you say because I’m driving.
My daughter as a small business taking care of pets when people are out of town or can’t get home for lunch. In 2020 the business dropped to almost nothing because no one was traveling or going to the office so she started working fulltime and I did the little bit of daytime pet care that she still had. Because the business was so bad, her income dropped considerably and she was due a refund of $4000. She still doesn’t have the refund and can’t seem to get any answers. What can she do.

My son has student loans of approximately $69,.000. He is a junior high principal and has been making payments steadily, including during the pandemic, of $200. The was the payment amount in 2019. He has paid off a private student loan and Navient during that time. Last September his required payment to Mohelo quadrupled. How can he get this reduced? He isn’t trying to get out of paying the loan off, he just needs a more affordable payment.
Thank you

Terry Says

Well,here’s your two-for-one!

Did your daughter file a tax return? And did she file electronically? Did she change bank accounts or her address, so the refund might have been lost?
Here’s the link to check on her refund:

Your son is a junior in high school and has a huge student loan debt? I think you messed up in asking this question. But if he is out of school, and working and paying, he should immediately enroll in the new SAVE program that will reduce his monthly payments a lot!
Mohelo just sent out demands that are all wrong!!

I suggest you contact Rae Kaplan at She is my expert in Student Loans and can get this taken care of quickly. The loan servicing companies are truly a mess!

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